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Fun Facts

Dogs over cats

I am submissive   

Gym shoes over heels 

I enjoy food (genuinely makes me happy) 

I giggle alot  

I am little shy/reserved in personal life

Favorite movie is Goodfellas ( one of them)   

I like any fitness related activity

I am very competitive with sports

Chevy > Ford 

public pool creep me out 

I love colorful flowers 

I will try anything once

I'm always ready for a good adventure 

I do not tolerate negatively 

I think one can change & manifest anything they want in life

Cubs fan for life!

Eclectic taste in music

I can show you how to do a plank in perfect form

I will take an experience over a materialistic item.

I love donuts, cake, pastries, any desserts! I really try to limit my intake.


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